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The Aporia. 

Original story.

Prisoner Keertin Panford’s skills as a tracker are really sought after, so he undergoes a new simulation therapy in order to be released early on parole. 

The process of rewiring his brain is experienced by him in the form of a narrative designed specifically with his experiences and personal dispositions in mind.




Keertin Panford wanders reluctantly on Saturn’s moon Enceladus, guided by a voice in his headset (Kris). He has accepted a job to find a lost child before nightfall beyond which the child has slim chances of survival. But he is completely lost with no idea where to start. He doesn’t really care for the boy, but needs the money from this job. He has a debt to repay  before the end of the week and this was the best route for the amount of time he had.


As he grudgingly looks for the boy, he encounters strange beings and customs, discovers hidden knowledge and creates new friends. The alien world shows him a new perspective on familiar things. The journey demands a lot from him but the voice is always there helping him and guiding him with useful information. He begins to change as a person and revises his motivations. Enduring several obstacles, dark entities, his own stubborn mind and almost losing his life he finally meets the boy. 


Keertin’s perspective is completely altered by now, and so when he finally finds the boy he  is overjoyed and emotional. The boy morphs into a younger version of the man and everything around starts to glow a bright white light. The man wakes up in a fluidic tub and realises his quest was just in his head.He realises that he is still in prison. 


Keetin had just undergone a new procedure (Simulation Therapy) in order to be deemed fit to be reintroduced into society on parole. An unkown figure had financed the untested experiment so that the Keertin could be brought out early and help find their daughter. His skills as a trained spy who can locate anyone, were extremely sought after and with his newly acquired empahtic reconnect he was stronger than ever.