The Aporia. 

Original story.

Prisoner Keertin Panford’s skills as a tracker are really sought after, so he undergoes a new simulation therapy in order to be released early on parole. 

The process of rewiring his brain is experienced by him in the form of a narrative designed specifically with his experiences and personal dispositions in mind.



A prisoner undergoes a new rehabilitation program. He is the first patient to be administered this simulation therapy procedure. The story describes his journey inside and outside to find a place in a reality that he wants. It tries to highlight how causation is an illusory concept, and the effect something has on us, depends, completely on how we want it to affect us.

Aporia is a species of butterfly, but also means inner conflict. It fits with the butterflyesque  shape of the blood vessels in the cross section of the human brain region, that is affeced. Finally it hints at the metamorphosis of the protagonist. 

© 2018 by Jay Thakur.

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