The Curious Monster

Character design

Inspiration Concept

Character Design. Creature design utilising the design language of Caterpillar Inc.




The world is divded into the organic and artificial halves.Neither inhabitants of the halves cross into the other.The artificial world is made of mechanical animals that work/live in packs. Each pack has a specific job/function according to the parts that they have. But within the rhino pack there is one quite unlike the others.He had always wanted to be a digger , but because of his parts he was in the rock crushers pack. Because of this he is always disinterested in his work. During his spare time he would go digging in the grounds around. One day he dug so deep that he ended up in the organic world.This was the first time any creature had crossed over. The monster was awed by the unfamiliar yet wonderous world he saw. He comes in contact with the first organic being and this soon leads to a beautiful friendship, a friendship that eventually culminates in the two halves of the world coming together.

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