Book Adaption

Live Action

Visual Development

A live action adaption of the book Borne by Jeff VanderMeer.


In a post apocalyptic world laid waste by a biotech company called, simply, “Company”, Mord, a massive flying bear more than six storeys high, is terrorising survivors. These include animals, humans, mutants and hybrid creatures which are revealed to be failed or aborted biotech experiments. Biotech spans a huge spectrum. Diagnostic beetles can enter a human system and heal illnesses and wounds. There are artificial living creatures such as feral children with wings and poisoned claws, and transgenic species that can morph from human to bear. Only three named humans inhabit this world. Our protagonist, Rachel, is a scavenger in the dangerous post-Company landscape. Her lover, Wick, is an ex-Company employee who makes biotech in his swimming pool laboratory. And “the Magician” is a shadowy creature who, it is rumoured, is collecting ammunition and soldiers to fight Mord and wrest control of the land from him.

© 2018 by Jay Thakur.

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